Sometimes it works and others it doesn't. At these Chicago venues I only had the choice of flash or available light.

It was nice to use a flash to stop motion, but in venues like the Kinetic Playground it meant wiping out all the psychedelic backdrop work that the special effects pros were dreaming up. So, I tried to get both sides of that coin. Look at the 10 Years After photos. Yes, Alvin Lee is out of focus, but his intensity comes through and the live backdrops are terrific. With Led Zeppelin shot with the flash, Robert Plant's intensity is in the tension and detail in his face, and I don't miss the light show at all.


When I wasn't photographing the bands, I would wander around photographing the people, concession stands, backrooms, and lofts. I'm glad I did. For me, it is the context for the music which would have nowhere to be without that context.